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Wedding cake Dunkeld, Pitlochry, Perthshire, Scotland

Based in Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland

Copper Rose - Luxury Wedding Cakes - Perthshire - Fife - Edinburgh - Scotland

A little bit about me...

With a long standing love of baking and a passion for cake decorating, I launched my wedding cake business in 2020 with a view to move on from a career in operations management into something much more creative.

What started as a hobby many years before, teaching myself lots of skills and techniques along the way, led me to undertake various training with other internationally renowned and award-winning cake artists in Scotland to accelerate my learning in the artistry of sugar flowers and contemporary cake design, as I knew that one day, eventually, I'd love to be working in the world of luxury wedding cakes.

In a previous lifetime I also spent many winter seasons hosting ski chalets in the French Alps, and this is where my love of baking and pastry really flourished.  I was the only chalet host I knew who actually loved spending time coming up with lots of different cakes and bakes for afternoon tea every day, as well as a repertoire of posh puddings rather than just poached pears for dessert!


Over the years I honed my baking skills to a high level, and when my pursuits into cake decorating and sugarcraft followed later, it was quite literally the icing on the cake, and I realised I was on to something with it all.

Wedding cake maker in Dunkeld, Pitlochry, Perth, Perthshire
wedding cake maker in Perthshire, Fife, Scotland

I believe that your wedding cake should not only look beautiful but must also taste delicious, and I put all of my efforts into creating a unique and memorable cake that perfectly reflects your style and tastes incredible too.  My cakes are known for their exceptional taste, which not only comes from using the finest quality ingredients, but also from many years of refining my recipes and experimenting with flavours.​

With a creative mind and an eye for detail, I ensure that every cake I work on is finished to the highest professional standard to leave a lasting impression that wows you and your wedding guests.  Afterall, I'm creating the most important cake of your life!  That's a responsibility that I don't take lightly.

My love of baking and pastry goes further than wedding cakes, and I also own another business specialising in handcrafted chocolates, gourmet brownie box subscriptions, small celebration cakes and other seasonal sweet treats.  So, if I'm not working on a wedding cake, I'm likely up to my eyes in chocolate over at Little Birnam Kitchen.

When I'm not baking, wedding cake decorating or chocolate making, I love to be in the outdoors exploring around Dunkeld and Perthshire, off travelling, or even plotting my next DIY project.  It's maybe not such a coincidence that I often feel my cakes are somehow inspired by nature or home interiors trends...

Lastly, a random fun fact you probably wouldn't guess about me: I have an honours degree in Interpreting and Translating, and speak French and Spanish.  Perfect for navigating my way around French patisseries and Spanish pastelerias on my travels!

Copper Rose - Luxury Wedding Cakes - Perthshire - Fife - Edinburgh - Scotland


I've created many different cake designs over the years, but my natural style probably sits best described somewhere in between contemporary and elegant with a sophisticated twist.  I definitely lean towards designs with an organic natural feel, but sometimes also with a slightly artistic edge.  I like clean lines and understated elegance, but I also really love an opportunity to bring lots of textures and movement to my cake designs using a variety of techniques.

Sugar artistry, handcrafted sugar flowers, silk ribbons and florals - I love them all.  However, I'm not afraid to admit that I'm really not a big fan of all the cake glitter and bling, it's just never been my thing!​

Something I've experienced myself when attending weddings and events over the years, is that cakes can look spectacular on the outside, but the inside can be seriously disappointing, meaning nobody bothers to eat it and it goes to waste.  One of my commitments with my cakes, and I like to think of it as another all round part of my style, is to ensure that the taste of my cakes is as much of a talking point as the visual design itself.  I'm proud that my couples and their wedding guests always comment on how great their cake tasted.  For me, it has to be delicious.  Always.


My cake style in five words..?  


Contemporary, elegant, sophisticated. Always delicious!


If you're a cake-loving couple who appreciate the beauty of a sophisticated, elegant and modern wedding cake, or perhaps even lean towards a more artistic or contemporary statement cake design, and you need to be sure that it will taste great too, it sounds like my cakes may be the perfect fit for your wedding and I'd love to hear from you.

Copper Rose - Luxury Wedding Cakes - Perthshire - Fife - Edinburgh - Scotland
Elegant wedding cake Strathallan Castle, near Gleneagles, Perthshire
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